YouTube Shorts Feature Can Be Live Soon, TikTok Will Compete

By | April 4, 2020

If you like YouTube and use Tik-Tok as well, then you are getting a lot of good news. YouTube has been working on EE for short-video posting so that it can compete with TikTok. YouTube has named ‘Shorts’ according to its latest report.

YouTube Shorts will be added to existing YouTube only. In this, you will be supported to create and post short videos. YouTube will allow its license library to use music for music in video.

So how long will this YouTube Shorts be live for? This feature will be live by the end of this year.

Since the launch of the Chinese video streaming application TikTok in the year 2016, posting this short video has proved very popular in India. YouTube will benefit greatly by becoming popular with TikTok because users will be eager to use it as soon as it goes live.

YouTube Shorts Feature Can Be Live Soon, TikTok Will Compete

TikTok had faced a lot of problems since its launch, especially with regard to privacy. Apart from ban in India, it was also removed from Google and Apple store. It was removed from the US government phone because it was being called National Security Threat. So with all these things YouTube can give tough competition to TikTok.

As mentioned above, YouTube Shorts can be launched by the end of this year. But if it has been introduced as a beta version in recent times, then it can prove to be a good application for the user, due to the corona virus which has been locked down.

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