Xiaomi Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner Will be Launched in India on April 17

By | April 18, 2020

Xiaomi Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner Will be Launched: Xiaomi today shared information related to the launch of its new home appliance on Twitter. Although the name of the device is not mentioned in the official teaser video, it will be only Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This device has been launched in China in the year 2016, which was named Mijia Sweeping Robot 1S.

The company’s tweet clearly states, “How many times a day do you clean your house?” But can you clean the house without even cleaning it? A smart cleaning solution for your smart home will be launched tomorrow. What will happen?


In Xiaomi’s previous smart vacuum cleaner, laser detection sensor technology was supported, which is helpful in identifying the object. 2,000 Pa in Mi Cleaner

Xiaomi Robot Smart Vacuum Cleaner Will be Launched Soon

Suction is provided with a brushless motor. This cleaner understands the path to be cleared with the help of 12AI sensors using SLAM technology. A large 5,200mAh battery is also provided in the Mi Smart Vacuum Cleaner.

We can expect Xiaomi to upgrade or customize the cleaner in the Indian market. If you talk about the price, then it can be launched at a price of around Rs. 20,000. The Smart Cleaner will be available for sale at Xiaomi’s online store after launch.

After increasing the lockdown due to Corona virus, it is difficult to say when the availability of the device will be started. But this device of Xiaomi is quite used to keep it clean at home at the time of lockdown.

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