WhatsApp forward messages limit, now you can forward a message at a time 1 Person

By | April 8, 2020

San Francisco: The WhatsApp administration has Introduced Whatsapp forward messages limit option of forwarding forward messages over rumors regarding the Corona virus to prevent the spread of rumors.

Whatsapp forward messages limit Reason :

A blog posted by the WhatsApp Administration says billions of people are relying on WhatsApp to contact one another because of the Corona virus. Due To this reason Whatsapp forward messages limit introduced.


Last year, we introduced the feature Whatsapp forward messages limit ,that we used double arrows on the messages that were forwarded so that the message was not forwarded by your loved one, but forwarded, now forwarded messages are being restricted further. And they cannot be forwarded to more than one person at a time.

According to the WhatsApp administration,has Introduced Whatsapp forward messages limit not all forward messages are based on rumors, but in the current situation, it is important to limit the forwarding option to one chat at a time to prevent the spread of rumors.

For the general public, the WhatsApp limits the message forwarding option, but the WhatsApp, along with health ministries and NGOs in 20 countries, including the WHO, is ensuring that WhatsApp provides accurate information.

The WhatsApp administration, together with governments and NGOs, is delivering accurate information to millions of people.

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