Tik Tok Star Hareen Shah to Host Ramzan Transmission in 2020

By | April 1, 2020

Tik Tok star Harim Shah has been offered a TV channel to host the transmission. Tik Tok star Harim Shah shared on the micro blogging website Twitter post, ‘A leading TV channel contacted me and is pleased to host the Ramadan transmission of 2020.They ask consumers if they want to see me hosting a transmission.I have been approached by a Leading TV Channel to host their 2020 Ramadan transmission .. Do you want to see me host it? Share your thoughts.

— Hareem Shah (@_Hareem_Shah) March 30, 2020

Following this tweet by Harem Shah, there has been a mixed reaction from consumers on social media.A user named Adnan made his comments this way.For God sake this time also had to come Allah protect our religion and faith

— Adnan❤️ (@AdnanAl73067023) March 30, 2020

A customer named BuyShop responded, “Isn’t a punishment enough for us?”A punishment is not enough?

— Bishop (@Abu_Yamam) March 30, 2020

A user named Bashari said in responseBibi bs kr khuda ka khuf khao kuch

— Bushra (@bushrasaeedpk) March 30, 2020

The user named Farah welcomed him and said, “Well, if Allah wants to bring you to Him then be sure you can turn yourself to Allah from this transmission.Chalen theek hai agar Allah apko apni taraf laana sabko hidayat de aameen ?

— farha (@Sindhu5951) March 30, 2020

A user named Mohammed Islam contended that Corona’s vaccine would also be developed before transmission.thora time nikal ke Corona ki Vaccine bhi bana laiti?

– Muhammad Islam (@muhamadislam) March 30, 2020

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