The US special plane returned from Pakistan, what came to pick up? Learn

By | April 3, 2020

KARACHI : The return of US citizens to Pakistan has begun, with a special flight leaving hundreds of travelers from Karachi to Chicago.

Civil Aviation temporarily suspended flights in and out of Pakistan, following a precautionary measure in Pakistan where domestic and overseas flights are suspended to prevent the spread of the deadly Corona virus, according to private TV ARY News. Were done.

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Despite the suspension of flights, a special aircraft arrived in Karachi from Cairo to pick up US citizens, after which a US citizen flew from Islamabad to Chicago via MSR 3200.

135 passengers were flown from Pakistan to the United States by special flight, including a 16-member staff of the US Embassy. The airport manager said that before the departure, the passengers were thoroughly screened at the airport and fully screened at the airport. At the request of the United States allowed the special aircraft to be carried by passengers.

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