The smart phone app that can diagnose skin cancer

By | April 1, 2020

New York : specialists have developed a skin cancer diagnostics application that will allow people to diagnose the disease at home through their smart phones.

According to the Daily Star, the application contains ‘artificial intelligence’ that is capable of analyzing 134 types of skin deformities and determines whether the person has skin cancer.

Dr. Jung Ema Na, head of the research team, said: “The timely diagnosis of cancer will be easier with this application because people are usually cheaper to get the test done but when the application is available on their smart phone.

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So they will continue to do their own tests on a regular basis and their disease will not be neglected until they reach the critical stage. If the experts use this application in the diagnosis of cancer, the accuracy rate in their diagnosis is also increased. ۔ Experiments have shown that the accuracy rate for diagnosing professionals was 77.4 percent, but when they used this app it was 86.6 percent. “

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