The place where 50,000 Chinese live in Italy but there is not a single case of corona virus, how is this possible? Learn the amazing details

By | April 1, 2020

Rome: Italy is one of the few countries affected by the Corona virus, where it has devoured the lives of more than 12,000 people until the outbreak, but there is one place in Italy where more than 50,000 Chinese citizens live.

But strangely there were no cases of the Corona virus. According to the Daily Star, the name of the city is Tuscany Town, where the majority of Chinese citizens live. Most of these people traveled to China on the New Year and returned to Italy before the Corona virus spread to Italy. 

These people came with their eyes to see what was happening in China, so it was the first people in Italy who warned others of the terrible outbreak and urged them to stay home.

Experts say that these Chinese people reduced social interaction automatically due to the situation in China and took all the precautions that were being carried out in China. Until now, the Corona virus was not being taken seriously in Italy. 

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This is the reason that no single case of Corona virus has been reported from this town. Initially, when the Corona virus began to spread in Italy, the local population began to view this Chinese community with disgust. 

They think the Corona virus was spread by these people, but now it has been proven wrong and Italian authorities are acknowledging it. 

“We were thinking of this Chinese community as a problem, but in reality they took a more responsible approach and set a precedent for us,” said Renzo Berati, senior Italian health ministry official. If the rest of the Italian citizens did the same, then the Corona virus outbreak in the country would not intensify.

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