The number of Corona Virus patients in Punjab has increased to 2108, but who are included and where? Details have been revealed

By | April 8, 2020

LAHORE: The death toll from the Coronavirus has increased to 4,772 across Pakistan, while 58 dead lives have been lost due to the deadly outbreak.

According to details, award-winning journalist Benazir Shah released data on the number of Corona Virus patients in Punjab on Twitter, saying that the number of coronaviruses has increased in Punjab and it has now reached 2108, but government data According to Punjab currently there are 2030 patients.

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Benazir Shah, a journalist, said that there are 853 coronavirus cases in Lahore, including quarantined people and prisoners in Raiwind.

Corona Virus patients in Punjab:

In his second tweet, Benazir Shah said that the number of cases in Punjab has reached 2108 out of which 744 people belong to Raiwind’s Tablighi Jamaat, 695 of them are from Iran while 58 are prisoners.

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