By | April 3, 2020

LAHORE: Former Pakistan cricket team captain Javed Miandad has taken the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in a bid to pardon the players involved in spot-fixing, saying players who have been blamed for the country’s defamation. Should be hanged.

According to the details, Javed Miandad said, “The players involved in spot-fixing should be given severe penalties. Such matters are also against Islam and should be dealt with as well and those who bring such players back should be ashamed. The PCB is not doing the right thing by apologizing to these players. Spot-fixers should be hanged because the crime is the same as murder and the punishment should be similar. An example should be set in this regard so that no player will ever want to do it again. ”
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He added: “I would also like to clarify from the spiritual side that spot-fixing or gambling players are not serious even with their parents and family. Such matters are not at all human-based and such people have no right to live. It is very easy for the players to make money by spot-fixing, etc. and then using their resources to come back to the national team. . ”

Javed Miandad urged the players to make a name for themselves by performing well in the field so as not to fall into such illegal and dirty work. He said: “The game of cricket brings happiness. When you make a century, the whole nation rejoices. When we won the World Cup, the whole world appreciated us. “