By | April 14, 2020

New York : City Afak Netflix is ​​one of the most popular web series seen worldwide, including ‘Money Hist’ Pakistan, which has also been shown to Pakistanis.

Through this series, the story is presented with a mix of modern cultural ideas and it also gives a glimpse of Spain’s own culture and European culture.

The third and fourth seasons of this web series have also been mentioned in Pakistan. Now how is it possible that Pakistan is mentioned in any European and American film or drama and that mention is good?

Pakistan’s name has come up 2 times in this web series. That is, the robber gangster and the mastermind ‘professor’ mentions a Pakistani hijacker for computer-related hijacking while.

Secondly, not only Zikr but also a Pakistani character was introduced. Something happens that when a gang is occupied by a Spanish bank for robbery and one of them gets seriously injured by a bulletproof bullet, they try to get help from the police, but they fail.

Then they get the online support of a doctor from Islamabad, Pakistan, with the help of a complex surgery.