Pakistan Mobile users information Leaked to the Internet, Bad News has arrived

By | April 10, 2020

LAHORE:  A prominent cyber security firm in Pakistan has revealed that data for Pakistan’s 11.5 million people has been submitted for sale on a dark web.

The accused presenting this data for sale have reported a value of more than $ 1 million, or more than 350 million Pakistani rupees.

Pakistanis selling data on the Dark Web is proof that some elements of money are mobilizing here and they are becoming a threat to Pakistan and the institutions here.

According to the Tech Juice report, according to a review by the Reuters Threat Intelligence Team, complete private data of Pakistanis has been presented for sale on a leading web site, which includes the identity card numbers, full names, addresses, phone numbers and taxes of Pakistanis. Numbers are also included.

According to the report, cybercriminals have posted this data for sale on the Dark Web’s VIP number and this data is absolutely fresh as it was hacked and updated continuously this week. 

The ad for sale of the data states that it has been beautifully organized and that its headers are also installed.

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The sale of data raises a number of questions regarding telecom companies’ data security and privacy policies, Reuters Threat Intelligence says. 

This data may have been stolen from different companies, but it is also possible that the data was obtained from a single firm.

Yet no company has been exposed to any kind of cyber attack. According to the report, it is also likely that the companies themselves may not be able to detect the data being hacked.

According to the report, Reuters Threat Intelligence continues to monitor Deep and Dark Web forums and will continue to make further updates.

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