By | April 3, 2020

Children are the only toy in the world that compels irritating humans to laugh and to love themselves. If we sit down to talk to children, they are actually the ones who make the mood easier for anger. There are many lonely people who like to smile even at the face of a person who is annoyed by their mischief, but after an age or a period, they get attached to a child somewhere because they are so cute and innocent as a child. Are.

When it comes to the children of the present day, where the children of the present day travel in the world with a lot of intelligence, it is very difficult for them to deal with the parents. The habit of checking things out in a way that does not go unnoticed haunts parents, especially mothers. Meet the flow of water tubs in the washroom or let the kids get themselves hurt.

Our Children

This is why mothers of the current age range from one year to four years of hard work. The educational period is not easy on its own, but parents and school teachers are also involved in this responsibility, so the children’s age is relatively easy for parents.

When it comes to older children of the present age, my mother and many other mothers think that this generation has no opportunity to be mobile, but after watching the generation matrices of this generation, there is no way to go to college. Some look for a livelihood. If someone is good at computer, then works as a freelancer. Teaching a tuition. Girls go on to teaching.

But it is very difficult to explain to the mothers because they are told something. They say that this generation has to make speeches. They do good. In fact, even a little religious parents seem to think that the punishment comes because of the use of our mobile. Only send severe disasters such as earthquake and earthquake using mobile.

How difficult it is to tell a simple iron parent that the punishment comes even because people older than you or your age make excuses for not giving the number in Islam, by blackmailing girls and making Islam a joke. Innocent children deviate from their hadiths by treating their children with lust, how the elderly and middle aged people of the neighborhood severely defame the rights of neighbors by constantly raping a 14-year-old girl. Are.

Say hate to my current government, or the first reason for my resentment is that in my country on a daily basis there are about ten children dying by the hands of this dirty mind and nature in the tenure of this government established from 2018 till now. More than a thousand children have died because over five to six thousand abusive cases were registered in the country last year. No culprit was found guilty. There is no benefit to the execution accordingly.

Whereas during the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), every crime was punished because the punishment decreases the number of the crime first and the execution of the regular punishment seems to eradicate it because the punishment is the psychology of the crime as long as the fear of punishment. Until then, the professors of the seminary at the University of Qari will continue to kill our children for the sake of their close relatives, and before the breeding season, the sacks of the fields will continue to be mixed with the drains and land. I will continue to be buried.

Inflation and bills make life difficult in their place, but the death of innocent children is the main reason for the punishment. Unless the government does nothing in this regard, I will disqualify this government. Has destroyed a generation of my country and still see no way to tie this crime.

May Allah protect and support our children