Locked down farmers biggest problem was resolved by Pak Agri Market, but how? Great news has arrived

By | April 4, 2020

Lahore: Pakistan is an agricultural country whose economy is heavily dependent on agriculture. Agriculture is also facing problems where other sectors are being affected by the recent Corona virus lockdown. Due to the complete or partial restriction of the movement, it has become difficult for the farmers to buy agricultural interventions such as seed fertilizers and sale of commodities like agricultural produce.

Agribusinesses are forced to close shops. During the downturn, many businesses are operating online, so even if the shop is closed, the business continues. However, opening and managing an online store is a daunting task.

 In this way, the cultivated agri market also solved this problem of agriculture related business. Those with agribusinesses can open an on-line agricultural shop on the Pak agri market, free of charge. It is very easy to register a shop on Pak Agri Market. Message your agricultural shop details on Wats app number 44433777030 for registration.

Also send a picture of the product in your shop. Within a day your shop will be registered. At present the agricultural directory of Pak Agri Market has more than 4,000 agricultural shops from all over Pakistan. The biggest benefit of registering a shop is that the farmer can find the desired agricultural product at home and contact the shopkeeper. 

Shops on Pak Agri Market also appear in Google search. That is, if your store is in Melissa, a farmer sitting on the Internet checklist can also view your shop and make a purchase from you. ۔ Agricultural information and buy-sell facilities are also available on the Pak Agri Market website (com.pakagrimarket.www). Due to online marketing, goods are not required to be taken to the markets and half the gentlemen buy agricultural stock at home. can.

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