By | April 1, 2020

Corona virus is expected to cause economic damage to countries around the world. The UN has also alarmed Pakistanis in this regard. 

A UN conference on trade and development was held to assess the impact of the Corona virus on the global economy, estimating the economies of different countries to determine how much the country could be affected by the Corona virus. Experts put Pakistan on the list of countries that can suffer the most economic damage from the Corona virus.

The United Nations report says developing countries are likely to suffer so much economic damage due to the Corona virus that these countries will need a $ 2.5 trillion aid package to escape it. 

Countries that are most at risk of economic loss due to the Corona virus include all the African countries, as well as Pakistan and Argentina. Take the suggestions given very seriously. 

The growing health and debt crisis of these countries, along with many major health crises, are factors that will be devastating to their economy. The relief package will be possible only through the aid package.