By | April 8, 2020

China has taken the initiative to help Pakistan once again in difficult times.According to details, a Chinese company working in the Sindak project handed over a large shipment of medical equipment to the Balochistan government to deal with the Corona virus.

According to a press release issued by China’s state-owned company Metallurgical Company of China (MCC), two million masks, 4,000 test kits, security of the medical devices handed over to the Balochistan by the MCC to cure the Corona virus.

Two thousand pairs of clothing, two thousand pairs of gloves, two thousand protective lenses and one hundred thermometers were also handed over to PDMA officials in Quetta.

According to the statement, the tough times witnessed a new demonstration of Pak-China friendship, the MCC continued to help the Pakistani people against the Corona virus through its subsidiary, MRDL, on March 27 in the six districts of Sindak area.

Considering the distribution of foodstuffs and the directives of the Chief Minister Balochistan, the provincial government is being consulted to provide ration to the people throughout Chagai.