Can someone have the corona virus 2 times? How long does a human remain in his body after he is healthy? All the things you want to know

By | April 1, 2020

New York:There are dozens of questions in people’s minds about the Corona virus. Even if a person becomes healthy after suffering from this outbreak, more questions arise. Can he still infect others with the virus or can he become infected again? Now the experts answer these questions. Are given.

 Experts say they are most at risk of transmitting the virus to others for up to 10 days after the symptoms of the corona virus appear, according to the Telegraph. After that the symptoms are gone and the man is healthy, then the virus remains in his body for the next 16 days. There have also been cases in which the virus remained in the patient’s respiratory tract for up to 37 days after symptoms appeared.

Experts say that if the patient does not have coughs and sneezes after the first 10 days after the symptoms appear, then they are less at risk of transmitting the virus to other people. Experts have answered the second question that once a person is infected with the corona virus, it produces antibodies in the body that act against the virus.

 Other times people are less likely to get infected with the virus, but if someone gets the virus again, it shows very minor symptoms. Millions of people in the world are infected with the virus, of which very few will be infected again.

 Although the virus is not dangerous to most people, it can be fatal for those whose symptoms are severe, so the best thing to do is to be cautious. Reduce social interaction so that you have the least risk of getting infected.

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