Bill Gates Wife Malinda Gates Predicts Worry About Corona Virus

By | April 13, 2020

NEW YORK: Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ wife, Malinda Gates, has made a very disturbing prediction about the Corona virus.

According to Mail Online, Melinda Gates said that the corona virus outbreak is getting the wrong impression that once it is gone, it will never come again. 

In the future, the outbreak may not only be repeated but can also lead to more devastating catastrophes. They said that this outbreak would change our world radically.

Melinda Gates said, “It may take at least 18 months for a Corona virus vaccine to arrive and we will all have to live in fear of the outbreak because once it is eradicated, it will have a strong chance of recurring.”

Will This virus is not the same as the ‘Spanish flu’ that once came and went away. This will continue to happen again and it is likely that we will see more such outbreaks in our lives. ”

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“For a long time, Bill Gates and I have been warning the world about such an outbreak, saying that such an outbreak is in danger and that the world should be prepared for it,” he said.

 If there is no preparation, there will be a great catastrophe and we are seeing the same thing today. The world is not ready for the Corona virus, which is causing this outbreak. ”

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