Assistance under the ENVIRONMENT program will begin on Thursday: PM

By | April 8, 2020

Islamabad (Public News) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the assistance under the ENVIRONMENT program will begin on Thursday. One crore two million families will get twelve thousand rupees per person.

He said the construction industry will also be open from April 14. There will be no lockdown for the agricultural sector in the villages. Providing relief to the poor is the biggest challenge. Tigers force will arrive home.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed these views while briefing the media on the situation in Corona virus in Pakistan. He said that the feeling program was being launched on Thursday. So far 30 million people have done SMS for Relief Fund.

He clarified and said that there is no political interference in the feeling program, only the deserving will get the money. One crore 20 million families will start getting 12,000 from tomorrow.

The Prime Minister said that for the payment of money to the beneficiaries, 17 thousand points will be made across the country from where they will start receiving funds. Within two to two and a half weeks, aid will be available to all the deserving.

He said that the PTI government has given the largest economic package in the history of Pakistan. The effort is to raise money honestly to the needy.

“The biggest challenge is giving relief to the poor,” he said. The Tiger Force will reach the poor in the streets and in the palaces and give us constant feedback.

Imran Khan said that we do not have the resources like Western countries but despite this our doctors and medical staff are fighting the corona virus epidemic on the frontline. Protecting them is a top priority.

Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Specialist Dr. Sania Nishtar said that all the provinces are part of the ENVISION program. The amount will be distributed to one crore 20 million families. 12 thousand will be given per family.

Assistant special counsel Nishtar said that the distribution of money would be possible only after the biometric. There will be no political interference in the sensation program. 8171 can be verified to identify the rights holders. One person in one house will be registered. Sensitive programs are transparent.

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