Asia Money has declared UBL as the best digital bank of Pakistan

By | April 1, 2020

KARACHI : Euro Money Associate Asia Asia has declared UBL as the best digital bank of Pakistan.

UBL is Pakistan’s most innovative and fastest innovation bank, which is promoting digital banking in Pakistan. 

The bank has set up a digital design lab that is rapidly digitizing matters. In January 2020, the number of UBL’s digital customers exceeded one million and last year its digital portfolio increased threefold.

Sharbil Shahid, head of UBL’s digital banking, says customers have become admirers of UBL’s digital policy, which has not only increased its banking triple but also has UBL’s app on the Play Store Rating app has been created.

UBL President and CEO Sima Kamala says awarding Asia Bank’s award to the bank is a huge success, in the current global situation, the bank is saving millions of customers from Cod19 through digital banking. , Such awards will further improve the digital banking sector in the future.

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