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Many peoples Asking Questions is that How is Possible Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan.  Affiliate Marketing has become a big way to earn money in the world. There are many platforms will provide affiliate marketing program. You know what the Amazon Affiliate Program is and how to make money from it?

If you want to Earn money online quickly then affiliate marketing is a good method for you to make money money online in Pakistan. In this Article, I will Guide completely about the affiliate marketing program in Pakistan.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing method in which a business is rewarded for a visitor or customer as a result of the marketing efforts of one or more affiliate affiliates. Examples of this include a prize location or area where users are rewarded with cash or gifts at the end of an offer or for sending to other people in the area.

There are four major players in this industry: merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or “brand”), network , publisher (also known as ‘affiliate’), and customer. The market has evolved in complexity to certify secondary (secondary) players, including affiliate management agencies, super affiliates and specialized third party vendors .

Affiliate marketing often overlaps with other Internet marketing methods to some extent because affiliates often use regular marketing methods.

How Can We Earn From Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan ?

Many Peoples are asking me about the amazon affiliate program Pakistan that how we earn money from Amazon Affiliate Program. Its very easy amazon affiliate marketing Pakistan, every people can earn thousand dollars from Amazon Affiliate Program Pakistan.

You Know that Amazon is the Largest eCommerce Platforms in India and also populated in the world. More then millions products are listed in the Amazon store. Amazon has launch Amazon Associate Program for the peoples who have huge traffic on website and other platforms.

First of All you need to create Amazon Associate Program, for those who want to earn money online by Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan 2020.

Amazon Affiliate store allows to sale any product of Amazon by affiliates, which you get commission per sale from amazon. Where anyone can make money by doing Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan 2020.

Why We Chose Amazon Affiliate Program?

When you join Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan , amazon give you a dashboard where you can know as a store owner and product publisher. One of the most special and amazing thing is that you can start your business in Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan without any investment, you can start with zero investment and earn money by promoting products who listed on amazon.

How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

The process of Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan is very easy. first of all you join the amazon associate program. after complete the registration with term and condition of amazon affiliate program, amazon provide the affiliate link of amazon products which you can promote the product and get commission from amazon affiliate program.

How to Promote Amazon Affiliate Product?

You can also promote the amazon affiliate product on social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. it can depend on your follower. of you have a huge number of followers on the social media lie Facebook or Instagram  then you will get more click. If a user can buy the product you also get more commission from Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan.

If you earn Huge money in the shortest time from amazon affiliate program in Pakistan then my opinion is that, make a blog or word press website in any niche idea and rank your website on google. When you have daily more then one 500 to 1000 unique visitors will come on your site then you can share your links on website and easily promote your products and earn huge number so dollars from amazon affiliate program.

How to Create Free Website or Blog for Amazon Affiliate Program?

Google also provide free service of blogs creating where you can create you blogs with free domain of google if you want to invest some money so you need to domain fro you website chose any niche topic and create niche relevant name of your domain with in 2$ from Godaddy website.  after complete this process chose a free and SEO Friendly Blogger theme. there are many tutorials available on the google and YouTube, you can search how to create professional website on Blogger, Many peoples can make videos and article on this keywords. Must Read: Top 10 Upcoming Punch Hole Display Phones 2020

Why WordPress is best Rather then Blogger?

If you want to invest some extra money for the professional and fast growing website then my opinions is that create WordPress website because its very easy to use and fast rather then estimated you can invest 10$ to 15$ with hosting and domain for a professional website. you can build WordPress site with in 2 hours rather then Blogger. Because WordPress have drag and drop system no need for coding to create site.

On the Blog or website you can promote with the help of Product banners and Product Affiliate link in the same way you can review of the products on the blog or website. if you want to earn huge money from Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan so you need hard work, because its not easy without hard work its not possible.

How to Create an Account on Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program in Pakistan?

Here I will guide you step by step with the help of which you can easily join the Amazon Affiliate Program. Then you follow it carefully.

Step 1: First of all you have to visit the homepage by clicking on this

link of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Pakistan and as soon as the page is open, you have to click on Join Now For Free

Step 2: After that you have to login on Amazon first. Here you have to select I am a new customer and enter your email and click on sign in.

Step 3: After signing in, the form will open on your screen. You have to fill that form carefully.



1. Payee Name – Here you have to enter your account name. If you have any name that you want to create an account, enter the name here.

2. Address Line 1 – Here you have to enter your address. If your address is big, then you can fill Address line 2 and Address line 3. Otherwise, leave it empty.

3. City – You have to enter the name of your city
4. State, Province or Region – You have to enter the name of your state
5. Postal code – Here you have to enter the pin code of your area.
6. Country – Your country has to be selected.
7. Phone number – Here you have to select country code and enter your phone number. Like +92 country code of India.
8. Who is the main contact for this account?– Here you have to select the payee listed above.
9. For US tax purposes, are you a US person? – If you are not from the US, select No.

Check the form to see if all the details are correct. If true, click on Next.

Step 4: You have to put the link of any website or blog through which you are promoting amazon affiliate product and click on Add. Then click on next.


Step 5: After all the process is complete, now you have to fill the details of your profile.


  1. Store ID: Here you have to type the name of a unique username. You can keep the store ID according to your own
  2. Your Website list: You will see the URL of any website you have added here. You don’t have to do anything in this field.
  3. What are you Website about: Here you have to give information about your website in details. Write the information in short.
  4. Select topics for website or mobile apps: Here you have to choose Primary and Secondary topics . You can choose the topic according to the sell of your product. If you have only Primary topic then select it and let the secondary be empty.
  5. Amazon items for your websites and apps: Here you have to tick all the topics you want to sell.
  6. Type of Website or mobile App: What type is your blog or website here like eCommerce platform or

content marketing blog. If you have a blog, then you select A Content or Niche Website in Primary . Let the secondary be empty.

  1. Drive traffic to your website: Where traffic comes from where you are on your website, all of them have to tick. Such as Blog, SEO, Email etc.
  2. Utilize Website or apps to generate income: Here, in which ways income is generated on your website. Like if you can select Display advertising in Income Primary with the help of Ads on your website.
  3. Build links: In this you have to select html editor.
  4. Total unique visitors per month: In this, you have to give information about how many unique visitors come to your website / blog every month.
  5. Amazon Associates Joining reason: Here you can select the option about why you are joining Amazon affiliate associates.
  6. How did you hear about us: You came to know about affiliate program? Here you can select from the site.

13. Captcha: Here you have to fill captcha code

14. Read the Contact Terms: Terms and Conditions thoroughly and then you have to click on agree.

After that click on Finish.



Step 6: Congratulations, your Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan account has been created. Now you just have to wait whether your account approval has been received or not. Here you will come to know by email and it may take 24 hours. Now all you have to do is promote Amazon affiliate product. Must Read: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 May have 4,000mAh Best Battery Backup, Learn Details

How to Promote Product after Approve Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan

If your Amazon account has been approved, now you have to start selling the product. Like I mentioned above, how you can promote the product through blog, website or social media. Just now you have to go to the Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan dashboard and create an affiliate link for the product and share it. If someone buys that product then Amazon will commission you.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Product Affiliate link?

  1. First of all, you have to login by going to Amazon Associates.
  2. After that you have to open the product by searching in the search box and selling any product you want to sell on site.
  3. After opening Product Page, you will see three options in the left corner. Text, Image and Text + Image. You can generate affiliate link of the selected product by clicking on any of these options.
  4. After copying the generated link, you can promote it by sharing it through blog or website.

How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan ?

Like I said earlier that you earn money from Affiliate Marketing. In that I comes in the list of Amazon Associates top affiliate marketing. So you can understand how much money you can earn by joining Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan.

There is no dignity to earn money here. You can earn unlimited money. It all depends on your affiliate marketing strategies. The more the product sells, the more commission you will get. Nowadays everyone wants to buy goods online, so Amazon prefers first. And it is a trusted eCommerce platform.

Therefore, by joining their Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan, you can earn good money sitting at home. By the way, there are many affiliates networks, but if you want to earn a good income in the shortest time, then Amazon Affiliate program is the best. Must Read: Top 10 Intelligence Agencies in The World 2020 By Ranking

Why Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program is Better Than Other Affiliate Networks?

1. In this you get commission according to the sell of the foot product. As some new headphones have come in the market, you can suggest your friends to give them reviews of the headphones so that they can buy the product from your affiliate links.

2. Amazon’s Affiliate link is valid for 24 hours. Meaning if a user opens the Affiliate link to you, then cookies keep the data in your browser for 24 hours. For example, if a user bought that product even after 12 hours, then you will receive commission.

3. Amazon currently has more than millions of users, meaning it is a trusted platform.

4. Another special thing is that no other Affiliate networks provide. If a user does not buy the product by clicking on your affiliate link and another person buys the product, then also you will get his commission. Isn’t it a good thing, then quickly join the Amazon program and start earning money from it.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Affiliate Program in Pakistan

1. Can we do Amazon Affiliate Marketing through Mobile?

Answer: Yes, of course you can start affiliate marketing by just copying the link of the affiliate product through social media or recommending it to your friends.

2. Can you do Amazon Affiliate Marketing by sharing the link on social media

Answer: Yes you can earn money by sharing Amazon affiliate product link with your friends through social media.